I wrote “When I Say Amen” with Matt Maher and Sam Ellis on March 9th, 2018. Almost exactly two years later, Nashville was hit by a tornado. I could actually hear it ripping through homes half a mile away from me while I sat in my bathroom, terrified, holding my cat and reading my Bible. Then I realized I hadn’t actually taken a second to pray…and with my eyes open, holding Stevie in my arms, looking at the bathroom wall, I prayed.

Barely a week later, COVID-19 entered the picture…slowly but surely becoming the focus of every day and every conversation. Now people are losing even more…some are losing their jobs, some are losing their stability, some are losing their minds, and some are losing their hope.

Last week I listened to “When I Say Amen” for the first time in a long time, and I felt a voice inside say, “I think you wrote this song for…this. Right now.” I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before.

I’ve always believed prayer goes far beyond church walls, but sometimes things seem too big or I forget to pray. But when I do, whether in a scary tornado or when things didn’t turn out like I wanted…I’m reminded I’m not alone. I feel more peace in the good and the bad. I hope this song offers hope and maybe even some comfort to everyone as we walk through this uncomfortable, scary time together.

Love, Rachel