Hey Girlie


Welcome to my blog series. In grade school, I kept one consistent journal for two years in 7th and 8th grade. (As ADD as I was, I am proud I kept it that long.) I recovered the journal in my twenties, and it might be the most hilarious thing I have ever read. Looking back at the way my middle school brain worked has now brought many inside jokes and stories to my friends and family. But the best part of the journal is that each entry was titled, “Hey Girlie!” I was sassy and confident and weird and way too honest in the journal. But now I am glad that I was. I hope to incorporate that mindset in this series. HEY GIRLIE. is not written TO GIRLS ONLY, or to anyone in particular, but it IS written from a my perspective which happens to be a girl’s perspective. But I hope no matter who you are, whether we are very different or very similar people, that you’ll enjoy it.


Welcome to the series. I am writing from the perspective of a young, creative, southern mind that’s been living and breathing since 1994. It is not polished nor is it perfect with all correct grammar (but I like it that way) (although I promise to try my best to remember what I learned in my linguistics classes). This is simply me writing about my life as I navigate and experience the crazy beautiful journey.