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Rachel Wammack

Her latest offering, “What He Does,” which she wrote alongside Jimmy Robbins and Eric Arjes, brings her catalog full-circle, in a way, in that it chronicles the tumultuous relationships detailed in many of her past releases, which have amassed over 18 million worldwide streams, listing off her negative experiences with all the things “other guys do.” Meanwhile, the chorus celebrates Wammack’s now-husband, Noah Purcell, because “what he does” is encourage, love, and support her. It’s a turning point in Wammack’s personal life, but also in her creative process.

“It’s so funny, because Jimmy [Robins] and I had written all these sad songs together,” she recalls. “Which was super therapeutic for me. Then we didn’t write for maybe four or five months, and during that time I was really falling for Noah. I mean, we were getting really serious. When I got back in the room with Jimmy, it was like, ‘what are we going to write about now?’”

The challenge was momentary, however, and Wammack quickly returned to form, tapping into her strongest-felt emotions to guide her creative process. The result is an exultant, piano-led anthem that rejoices the arrival of her newfound love, while soberly acknowledging all the romantic hardships that anticipated him. With a joyful message that resonates with her “deep-rooted, classic sound” (Wide Open Country), “What He Does” is one of Wammack’s most powerful releases to date.